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Simone Casarotti is an indie-pop artist based in East London. He is originally from north-eastern Italy.

His main influences are Tears For Fears, Spandau Ballet and Cocteau Twins.

Simone, originally a guitar player, discovered the joy of songwriting at 13: he would write three songs per day and fill up notebooks with melodies and made-up stories.

He discovered his love for music production at age 13 after winning an EU-funded school competition where he won first prize.

After living in London for four years and going through times of instability, Simone has finally found a place in the world but still overthinks everything and struggles with self-confidence.

He is now telling his story as a young gay man through his songs.  

Simone has released his debut single “Blu” in late 2019, a summer love song about him and his longtime boyfriend. This song signifies a celebration of queer love but also towards his Italian identity. The song was released under the stylised pseudonym “Simonë” without last name. He added his last name back as a celebration to his Italian heritage.

Simone is having his debut headline show at the historic Amersham Arms location in New Cross, London.

He is going to release his new single in spring 2020. His upcoming project 'The Battersea Sessions, made of songs he's written and produced at his boyfriend's place during quarantine. Simone’s new songs will explore more of his queer side and his relationship with his Catholic small-town upbringing. 

His goal is to send a positive message to people struggling with self-confidence, growing up and finding their place in the world.