Simone Casarotti is a self-produced indie-pop artist for fans of understated pop music with catchy hooks. He is based in West London and is originally from north eastern Italy. 


His songs are a tool to empower and normalise queer stories from the perspective of a young gay adult with a nonchalant attitude, soft-sung introspective lyrics and sophisti-pop inspired arrangements.


He quotes Roxy Music, Tears for Fears, George Michael and Fleetwood Mac as major influences. 

Queer kids need to hear stories about happy queer adults, beyond the coming of age narrative.

The three unreleased song describe Simone’s experiences from a flirtatious situation on the club scene (Do I Even Know You?) to multi-layered statements of love and thankfulness towards his partner (Magic Boy, Walls), showing each time a fresh angle to talk about love and attraction.


Live from his home, Simone gives an intimate performance of his 2020 single Cantaloupe, a celebration of summer fun and homage towards his Italian identity.

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